The board of Centrum för rättvisa is responsible for the economy of the foundation and decides which cases to engage in.

Members of the Board:

  • Tomas Nicolin, member of board of, inter alia, Nordstjernan, SEB and the Nobel Foundation (Chariman)
  • Viveka Ekberg, Senior advisor
  • Thomas Gür, entrepreneur and writer
  • Paula Röttorp, lawyer (member of the Bar Association) and specialist partner at Hannes Snellman Attorneys Ltd
  • Staffan Persson, CEO Swedia Capital, board member of, inter alia, The Springfield, Project Sweden och Oscar Properties
  • Gunnar Strömmer, lawyer (member of the Swedish Bar Association) and counsel at Gernandt & Danielsson, founder of Centrum för rättvisa
  • Clarence Crafoord, CEO of Centrum för rättvisa