Equal opportunity

No one should be singled out from university or the labour market based on gender or ethnicity.

Freedom of association

No one should be prevented from joining a trade union or employers’ organisation – nor should they be forced to join or support such organisations against his/her will.

Protection of private property

No one should be deprived of their home because a municipality wants to support a private enterprise.

Freedom to exercise a profession and to run a business

No one should be prevented to exercise their profession or run a business, without explicit support of the law.

Rule of law

No one should have to wait years for their case to be tried by a court, or other parts of the legal system.

Personal integrity

No one should have to endure, to a democratic society, unnecessary infringements to their personal integrity.


Two cases

One recent case which gained much media attention concerned the protection of private and family life. A hospitalised man, dying of cancer, was filmed by a commercial tv-crew without prior consent from him nor his family. In fact, his family had not been informed of the filming.

A few weeks after the man had passed, his family stumbled upon the footage and had to witness their loved one’s final days on a medical reality tv-show.

Centrum för rättvisa helped the family to sue the responsible County and the case resulted in a precedent from the Court of Appeal establishing that the County must be held liable for the breach of family’s private life.

Another important ruling concerned Blake Pettersson who, when he was 17 years old, was deprived of his Swedish citizenship in violation with the Swedish Constitution. After twelve years of court proceedings against the state, Blake Pettersson was the first person in Sweden to be granted damages based on a breach of the Swedish Constitution.