Centrum för rättvisa’s (Centre for Justice) mission is to defend and advance the legal protection of individual fundamental rights and freedoms by combining cutting-edge litigation, strategic research, sophisticated media relations, and a strategic law student program.

The Centre for Justice provides pro bono legal representation and advice to clients. The organization is funded by fundraising, and secures its independence towards the government by not accepting any public grants. Cases are selected based on the client’s ability to pay (giving preference to clients who do not have the means to obtain other representation), and on the case’s potential to publicize and educate the public on the issues involved.

The Centre for Justice has its strategic focus on six areas: property rights, economic liberty, equal protection of the laws, freedom of association, the rights to access to court and a fair trial, and privacy rights. To secure both national and European impact, the Centre for Justice litigates its cases in both Swedish and European courts.

The Centre for Justice has, on behalf of its clients, won several fundamental rights landmark cases in recent years. These cases have significantly improved not just the rights of individuals in Sweden; they have set legal precedents that reach and increase the fundamental rights and freedoms of potentially millions of individuals throughout Europe.

To secure the long-term impact of its mission, the Centre for Justice also runs an ambitious and strategic law student program, educating tomorrow’s leaders, judges and attorneys on the importance of fundamental rights.

Since its inception, the Centre for Justice has gradually established itself as the leading non-profit public interest law firm in the Nordic region.

The Centre for Justice has since its inception in 2002:

  • Examined approximately 1,500 cases,
  • Informed approximately 6,000 individuals of their rights in concrete cases,
  • Litigated cases in six constitutional areas,
  • Litigated almost 200 cases and given aid to about 2,800 individuals,
  • Won in about 90 percent of cases,
  • And won 14 out of 14 cases in the highest courts.



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